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posted: 05-08-18 10:30am
A couple other notes about Providence:
Frank Nelson was unofficially running ("pacing") with his daughter Nicole, who ran a 4:05.
Lotsie was there as a spectator (and while he hasn't raced much, he's still part of HFC as a runner, despite being employed by BAA ... maybe another potential 26x1-mile entrant).

We did, despite a lack of planning, end up with a pretty good spot for spectating. But we could have done a bit better, and saved ourselves a (~0.75 mile?) walk to get to our viewing spot. So, for future spectating reference, we parked in Haines State Park in Barrington. All of our viewing was in Barrington, not Providence Easy to get to, and there was nobody there. We walked over to mile 9, which, 15 minutes later, was also mile 11. There was a large parking area there at a Carousel, which might've been a good spot to start. We then backtracked a bit (if we hurried we could see the runners pass again along the way, probably 11.5 or 12). Then there was a good spot where they got on the bike path at mile 17. Mark, Howe, & Rachel used this as an opportunity to get in some miles. There was a good parking spot right by the bike path, with only a handful of spots, but plenty of on-street parking (and porta-potties). I think Amber took a picture of the cross street where this was -- this would probably be the best spot to head for next year.

Probably would've been helpful if we had more small water bottles. It wasn't a particularly hot day, but water on the course wasn't as readily available as it tends to be at bigger races. I'd heard mixed reviews about this marathon (TJ's missed turn in 2012 probably doesn't help it's reputation), but from the portion I saw, it looks like a pretty good Spring option for those not running Boston.
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posted: 05-07-18 10:04am
Outstanding marathon debuts, Raul and Janet! Executed like seasoned pros! Some well deserved rest should be on the agenda.
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posted: 05-07-18 7:15am
Thank you for all the support, we are so happy that members of the running club were there you guys were at the correct spot each time, every time I was slowing
down my pace you guys got me pump again and again. With all the support you guys gave me every time my mind was always thinking positive and never had a chance to think negative. Every time I was getting all that support I said to my self I will qualify. I ran 3:10.43 and Yaneth ran 3:47.27 before the finish line yaneth cramp on Mile 26 and she was there for like 5 minutes on the floor
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posted: 05-06-18 9:15pm
Congratulations Raul and Janet!! So happy that all the winter training payed off. Great races, you earned it!
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posted: 05-06-18 7:40pm
I donít have their exact times but I know Raul and Janet both got BQs today at Providence! They both looked strong at 9, 11, 17, 19.5 ish (or whenever we saw them). Great marathon debuts! Woo!!
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posted: 05-04-18 9:06pm
The Vancouver Marathon is Sunday. I am flying out Monday morning. I thought you all would be proud of me for not running.
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posted: 05-04-18 1:37pm
Good Luck to Carmen & Raul...current queen & king of the Dedham roads.
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posted: 05-04-18 11:27am
That's great Dan! So glad to hear Janet and Raul will have your support out there. I'll be at Liam's but wishing you guys the best of luck in your first marathon. You've put in a tremendous amount of work and I'm sure it will pay off. Go get 'em!
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posted: 05-04-18 10:18am
A small (or maybe large) group is attempting to make the trip to Providence to provide support. Logistics still tbd. If anyone is interested, please post here. A separate email may follow, though not sure who'll get the email.

Raul/Janet - not sure exactly where we'll be, but if there's anything you'd like us to have (drinks/Gu, etc.) in case you do see us, let us know. Not sure if we'll be able to run with you or not, but if you'd like company for a mile or so, we might have someone fast enough to keep up. If we don't see you, good luck!

Any other marathons this weekend? There was some talk of this being a make-up weekend for those who weren't happy with Boston, but seems like JJR might have highlighted the fact that it's tough to race again this quickly after Boston. Is Kenny running in Lincoln this weekend (if so, good luck).
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posted: 05-04-18 9:24am
All the best to Raul & Carmen running in the Providence Marathon this weekend.
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posted: 05-09-12 12:08pm
Yeah TJ that was so impressive!!!!
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posted: 05-08-12 4:03pm
Great Job...How to get back on the horse TJ...you ripped it up!!!
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posted: 05-07-12 2:35pm
Awesome! BQs and impressive half. Take a victory lap!
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posted: 05-07-12 12:42pm
Great running, folks!
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posted: 05-07-12 9:10am
Three more WOW Moments!!! That's good running...Congrats!
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posted: 05-06-12 8:20pm
Strong work today team!
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posted: 05-06-12 8:16pm
Congratulations everyone!

Providence Marathon
Place No. First Name Last Name Nettime Pace Guntime Ag Sex /Tot S Div/Tot Div Town

7 7179 Tj Unger 2:44:13 6:16 2:44:14 33 7/816 M 2/265 M3039 ROSLINDALE MA *PR
212 936 Amine Mekkaoui 3:27:12 7:55 3:27:19 50 184/816 M 17/120 M5059 DOVER MA *PR

Providence 1/2 Marathon
459 3870 Paulina Mehanna 1:49:16 8:21 1:49:26 42 139/1236 F 22/275 F4049 NORWOOD MA