HFC Grand Prix, Men and Women, the best races from these distances

Jan 1-Dec 31Any 1 MileAny 1 mile race from Jan 1 - Dec 31. HFC will have several summer mile races including the SRR Marathon Relay in June, the HFC mile relay in July, the handicap mile in August, and the George and Whitey King 4xmile relay in August.
Jan 1 to Dec 31Any 5kAny 5k from Jan 1- Dec 31. HFC has many member directed 5Ks that we support including Christophers 5K Run(May 30th), the Coombs 5K (Sept), Bernies 5K (Oct), and the South Boston Catholic Academy 5K(Dec). In addition the CVS 5k will be a big race for the club.
Jan 1 to Dec 31Any 4 MilerAny 4 mile race from Jan 1 - Dec 31. HFC will target the Norwood Turkey Trot.
Jan 1-Dec 31Any 5 MilerAny 5 Miler from Jan 1 - Dec 31. HFC will have a huge group going to the Doyles 5 Miler on April 10th
Jan 1-Dec 31Any 10KAny 10K from Jan 1 - Dec 31.
Jan 1-Dec 31Any Half MarathonAny Half Marathon, including an official 1/2 marathon split from your official marathon

Grand Prix Rules:
  • The men's and women’s grand prix scores 6 races made up of the best race from each distance: 1 mile, 5k, 4 mile, 5 mile, 10k, 1/2 marathon.
  • Runners must post their race results on the HFC running log for easy tracking due to the wide range of dates & races.
  • Points earned in a grand prix race are 15 for first, 14 for second, etc. 1 point for 15th.
  • Bonus Points are awarded if you complete a bonus race. 1 point per race with a maximum of 5 points:
    • Handicap Mile
    • Bernies 5k
    • Norwood Turkey Trot
    • Doyles 5 Miler
    • James Joyce 10K
    • Fresh Pond 2.5 miles

    Click here for the point totals

    Best Grand Prix Races Per Distance

    12017-02-04TJ UngerScarlet and White Invitational100:04:294:291500
    22017-01-07Andy HolmesBU Mini Meet #3100:04:444:441400
    32017-07-26Steve CurleyHandicap Mile100:04:464:461300
    42017-06-11AJ KastanotisAndrew Kastanotis100:04:484:481200
    52017-02-04Cory HofmannBU Scarlet and White100:04:544:541100
    62017-01-14Justin Renz Tiger Invitational100:04:594:5910150
    72017-06-11Brian Cronin26X1 Mile Relay100:05:015:01900
    82017-06-11Jason Cakouros26.2 mile relay100:05:045:0481415
    92017-07-26Mike DiToccoHFC Handicap Mile100:05:045:04700
    102017-06-11John SullivanSRR 26 X1M relay100:05:185:1861314
    112017-06-11Raul Serrano26 x 1 mile Relay100:05:225:225120
    122017-06-11Brian AugerSRR Club Challenge 26x1 Relay100:05:265:264110
    132017-07-26Tom VossenHFC Handicapped Mile100:05:305:303100
    142017-07-26Chris CanningHandicap Mile100:05:325:32200
    152017-02-19Christine HoweUSATF New England Indoor Champs100:05:345:341500
    162017-07-26Christina SeremetisHandicap Mile100:05:375:371400
    172017-07-26Joseph McLaughlinHandicap Mile1.000:05:385:38100
    182017-07-26Dan AtkinsonHandicap Mile100:05:415:41090
    192017-07-26Dana DeIngenisHandicapped Mile100:05:485:481300
    202017-08-09George BraunPearl Street Mile1.000:05:485:480813
    212017-07-26Greg KnottHandicap Mile100:05:505:50000
    222017-07-26Steven HoudeHandicap Mile100:05:565:560712
    232017-02-19Meredith HobanUSATF DMR100:05:575:571200
    242017-07-26Shawn ClarkHandicap Mile100:06:006:00000
    252017-07-26Emily StoverHandicap Mile100:06:006:001100
    262017-07-26Joe Ciavattone 100:06:076:070611
    272017-08-17Dan FinkelMartin Richard Mile100:06:116:11050
    282017-07-26Jay MessinaHandicap Mile1.000:06:226:220410
    292017-06-11Eileen CakourosSRR 26x 1100:06:246:2410150
    302017-06-11Mary McNulty26 x 1 mile relay100:06:246:2491415
    312017-06-11Christina HaddadSRR 26x1 Relay100:06:356:35800
    322017-07-26Harvey BlonderHandicap Mile100:07:157:15039
    12017-07-04John Sullivan4 On The Fourth400:23:085:47151515
    22017-07-04Jason CakourosRally For Sally400:23:425:55141414
    32017-07-04Andy HolmesRally for Sally400:24:186:041300
    42017-07-04Tom VossenRally 4 Sally400:24:466:1112130
    52017-07-04Brian AugerDedham Four on the 4th4.000:24:516:1211120
    62017-07-04Joseph McLaughlinDedham Four on the 4th4.000:26:396:391000
    72017-03-05Patrick SweeneyCladdagh 4 mile400:27:556:5891113
    82017-07-04Dan AtkinsonDedham Four on the 4th400:28:147:038100
    92017-04-02George BraunCity Park 4 Mile4.000:28:287:077912
    102017-07-04Joe Ciavattone Dedham Four on the 4th4.000:29:247:216811
    112017-07-04Chris Diehl 4 on the fourth400:29:317:225710
    122017-07-04Dan FinkelDedham Rally for Sally400:29:337:23460
    132017-01-14Steven HoudeWhitaker Woods Snowshoe Scramble400:34:358:38359
    12017-02-19TJ UngerUSATF NE Indoor Champs3.100:15:395:021500
    22017-03-26Lee DanforthAn Ras Mor3.100:16:025:101400
    32017-07-04Steve CurleyFirecracker 5k3.100:16:055:111300
    42017-07-22Kenny RaynerChrystal City Twilighter 3.100:17:045:301200
    52017-03-26Brian CroninAn Ras Mor3.100:17:175:341100
    62017-03-26Jason CakourosAn Ras Mor3.100:17:245:36101515
    72017-01-29Justin Renz USATF NE Indoor Champs3.100:17:305:389140
    82017-04-30Mike DiToccoKate's Run3.100:17:385:41800
    92017-04-23Cory HofmannSpring Classic 5k3.100:17:395:41700
    102017-08-12John SullivanChilmark Road Race3.100:17:425:4261314
    112017-04-15Raul SerranoB.A.A 5k 3.1200:18:245:535120
    122017-01-01Tom VossenBack on my Feet 5K3.100:18:255:564110
    132017-03-26Andy HolmesAn Ras Mor3.100:18:426:01300
    142017-07-15Brian AugerGansett Summer Running Festival - 5K3.100:18:546:052100
    152017-06-08Patrick SweeneyHollis 5k3.100:19:146:121913
    162017-08-12Mark KenwoodCumberland Fest 5K3.100:19:186:13000
    172017-03-26Christine HoweAn Ras More3.100:19:256:151500
    182017-04-02Chris CanningCherry Blossom 5k3.100:19:456:22000
    192017-05-29Dana DeIngenisChristopher's Run3.100:19:536:241400
    202017-07-04Emily StoverNorwood Firecracker 5k3.100:19:556:251300
    212017-06-04Amine MekkaouiCorrib 5K Road Race3.100:20:206:330812
    222017-06-08Dave KellyHollis Fast 5K3.100:20:276:35070
    232017-03-26Nicole HamiltonAn Ras Mor 5k3.100:20:426:401200
    242017-08-20George BraunRun 4 Research3.100:21:036:470611
    252017-06-04Paul CorcoranCorrib3.100:21:146:500510
    262017-03-26Eileen CakourosAn Ras Mor3.100:21:186:5211150
    272017-02-11Steven HoudeChristina's Courage 5k3.1300:21:216:49049
    282017-05-29Joe Ciavattone Christophers Run3.100:21:226:53038
    292017-03-26Chris Diehl An Ras Mor3.100:21:356:57027
    302017-06-04Dan FinkelCorrib 5k3.1100:21:356:56010
    312017-03-26Jimmy FallonAn Ras Mor3.100:21:457:00006
    322017-06-04Dan AtkinsonCorrib3.100:21:497:02000
    332017-06-17Mary McNultyRun For The Arts3.100:21:497:02101415
    342017-03-26Shawn ClarkAn Ras Mor3.100:21:547:03000
    352017-07-04Jay MessinaYMCA Needham 5k3.100:21:567:04005
    362017-05-28Greg KnottRedHook 5k3.100:22:477:20000
    372017-03-26Dan ThomasAn Ras Mor 5k3.100:23:087:27000
    382017-03-26Matt LynchAn Ras Mor3.1100:23:267:32004
    392017-06-04Amber RobbinsCorrib 5k3.100:24:307:54900
    12017-04-30TJ UngerJames Joyce Ramble6.200:33:475:261500
    22017-04-30Jason CakourosJames Joyce Ramble6.200:34:585:38141515
    32017-06-25John SullivanBAA 10K6.200:36:275:52131414
    42017-04-30Tim GavinJames Joyce Ramble6.200:36:405:5412130
    52017-01-22Mike DiToccoDreamfar 10K6.200:36:525:561100
    62017-04-30Tom VossenJames Joyce Ramble6.200:37:346:0310120
    72017-04-30Justin Renz JJR6.2100:37:526:059110
    82017-04-30Brian AugerJames Joyce Ramble6.200:39:176:208100
    92017-04-30Chris Kelly James Joyce sRamble6.200:39:376:237913
    102017-04-30Phil ParksJames Joyce 10K6.200:40:176:296812
    112017-04-23Patrick SweeneyRun For Charlotte6.200:40:386:335711
    122017-07-15Joseph McLaughlinGansett Summer Running Fest6.200:42:176:49400
    132017-04-30George BraunJames Joyce Ramble6.200:42:416:533610
    142017-07-01Emily StoverBeech River 10k6.200:42:466:531500
    152017-07-30Mary McNultyBoston Triathlon (Relay)6.200:44:447:12141515
    162017-04-30Dan FinkelJames Joyce Ramble6.2200:45:157:16250
    172017-04-30Chris Diehl JJR6.200:45:257:19149
    182017-06-13Eileen CakourosMilton 10K6.200:45:427:2213140
    192017-04-30Paul CorcoranJames Joyce Ramble6.200:46:007:25038
    202017-04-30Jay MessinaJames Joyce Ramble6.200:46:277:29027
    12017-03-11Kenny RaynerRock 'n' Roll DC Half Marathon13.101:13:375:371500
    22017-03-19TJ UngerNew Bedford Half Marathon13.101:14:135:391400
    32017-01-14Steve CurleyCharleston Half Marathon13.101:14:595:431300
    42017-03-19Tim GavinNew Bedford Half13.101:18:456:0012150
    52017-03-19John SullivanNYC Half-marathon13.101:19:356:04111415
    62017-07-08Mike DiToccoOld Port Half Marathon13.101:19:456:051000
    72017-01-14Andy HolmesCharleston Half Marathon13.101:20:136:07900
    82017-04-01Justin Renz Duxbury Half13.1101:21:576:158130
    92017-04-29Brian CroninIpswich Ale 1/2 Marathon 13.101:23:056:20700
    102017-05-07Tom VossenEugene Half Marathon13.101:25:466:326120
    112017-01-14Christine HoweCharleston Half13.101:32:377:041500
    122017-03-19Emily StoverNew Bedford Half Marathon13.101:34:177:111400
    132017-05-21Joseph McLaughlinHorseneck Beach Half13.101:34:307:12500
    142017-08-12George BraunGeorgetown to Idaho Springs Half13.101:35:027:1541114
    152017-04-29Dana DeIngenisIpswich Half13.101:35:387:181300
    162017-05-28Dan ThomasJohnny Kelley Half Marathon13.101:45:008:00300
    172017-01-14Meredith HobanCharleston Half Marathon13.101:45:298:031200
    182017-04-29Dave KellyIpswich Ale Half Marathon13.101:53:088:382100
    12017-04-09TJ UngerDoyle's 5 Mile500:26:325:181500
    22017-04-09Lee DanforthDoyle's500:26:475:211400
    32017-05-13Steve CurleyRun for a Vet 5 Miler500:27:115:261300
    42017-04-09Jason CakourosDoyle's500:28:425:44121515
    52017-04-09Brian CroninDoyle's 5 Miler500:28:505:461100
    62017-04-09Justin Renz Doyle's 500:29:265:5310140
    72017-05-06Cory HofmannCinco de Miler500:29:365:55900
    82017-06-25Mike DiToccoSharon 5 Road Race5.000:29:475:57800
    92017-05-13John SullivanRun For A Vet500:29:535:5871314
    102017-04-09Tom VossenDoyle's500:30:156:036120
    112017-06-18Brian AugerLazy Lobster 5 miler500:31:396:195110
    122017-05-13Chris CanningRun for a Vet 5 Miler500:32:406:32400
    132017-05-21Emily StoverHarpoon 5 Miler500:32:416:321500
    142017-04-09Christine HoweDoyle's 5 miler5.0000:32:496:331400
    152017-04-09Dana DeIngenisDoyle's 500:32:576:351300
    162017-07-29Patrick SweeneyDennis 5 Miler500:33:486:4531013
    172017-04-09Eileen CakourosDoyle's 5M500:34:236:5212150
    182017-04-09Paul CorcoranDoyle's 500:34:456:572912
    192017-04-09Nicole HamiltonDoyle's 5-Mile500:34:586:591100
    202017-04-09Jimmy FallonDoyles500:35:007:001811
    212017-04-09Dan FinkelDoyle's Emerald Necklace500:35:137:02070
    222017-06-17Jay MessinaMedway/Franklin Amer. Legion 5mi5.000:35:207:040610
    232017-05-28Dave KellyBaldi River Run500:35:577:11050
    242017-04-09Chris Diehl Doyles500:36:307:18049
    252017-04-09Mary McNultyDoyle's 500:36:457:21101415
    262017-05-28Shawn ClarkRun To Remember500:37:317:30000
    272017-04-09Meredith HobanDoyles500:37:507:34900
    282017-04-09Joe Ciavattone Doyles500:37:567:35038
    292017-04-09Harvey BlonderDoyles500:39:427:56027
    12017Andy HolmesBonus Races100
    22017Jimmy FallonBonus Races111
    32017Brian AugerBonus Races220
    42017Brian CroninBonus Races100
    52017Chris CanningBonus Races100
    62017Chris Kelly Bonus Races111
    72017Chris Diehl Bonus Races222
    82017Christina SeremetisBonus Races100
    92017Christine HoweBonus Races100
    102017Paul CorcoranBonus Races222
    112017Steve CurleyBonus Races200
    122017Dana DeIngenisBonus Races200
    132017Dan AtkinsonBonus Races110
    142017Dan FinkelBonus Races220
    152017Eileen CakourosBonus Races110
    162017Emily StoverBonus Races100
    172017George BraunBonus Races111
    182017Lee DanforthBonus Races100
    192017Greg KnottBonus Races100
    202017Harvey BlonderBonus Races222
    212017Steven HoudeBonus Races111
    222017Jason CakourosBonus Races333
    232017Justin Renz Bonus Races220
    242017Jay MessinaBonus Races222
    252017Joe Ciavattone Bonus Races111
    262017Joseph McLaughlinBonus Races200
    272017John SullivanBonus Races111
    282017Meredith HobanBonus Races100
    292017Mary McNultyBonus Races333
    302017Nicole HamiltonBonus Races100
    312017Phil ParksBonus Races111
    322017Shawn ClarkBonus Races100
    332017Tim GavinBonus Races110
    342017TJ UngerBonus Races200
    352017Tom VossenBonus Races220

    Grand Prix Open Men Points Total

    RunnerPointsNumber of Races
    TJ Unger765
    Jason Cakouros615
    John Sullivan596
    Steve Curley544
    Justin Renz 485
    Mike DiTocco445
    Tom Vossen436
    Andy Holmes404
    Brian Cronin394
    Brian Auger325
    Lee Danforth292
    Kenny Rayner272
    Cory Hofmann273
    Tim Gavin252
    Joseph McLaughlin224
    Patrick Sweeney184
    George Braun155
    AJ Kastanotis121
    Raul Serrano102
    Dan Atkinson93
    Chris Kelly 81
    Dan Finkel85
    Phil Parks71
    Chris Diehl 84
    Joe Ciavattone 74
    Chris Canning73
    Steven Houde43
    Dan Thomas32
    Dave Kelly23
    Paul Corcoran43
    Jimmy Fallon22
    Shawn Clark13
    Harvey Blonder22
    Jay Messina24
    Greg Knott12

    Grand Prix Master Men Points Total

    RunnerPointsNumber of Races
    John Sullivan836
    Jason Cakouros765
    Tom Vossen726
    Justin Renz 695
    Brian Auger565
    George Braun415
    Patrick Sweeney374
    Tim Gavin292
    Dan Finkel265
    Raul Serrano242
    Dave Kelly223
    Joe Ciavattone 214
    Dan Atkinson203
    Chris Diehl 194
    Paul Corcoran193
    Steven Houde173
    Jay Messina144
    Chris Kelly 101
    Phil Parks91
    Jimmy Fallon92
    Amine Mekkaoui81
    Harvey Blonder72

    Grand Prix Senior Men Points Total

    RunnerPointsNumber of Races
    John Sullivan876
    Jason Cakouros775
    George Braun615
    Patrick Sweeney504
    Joe Ciavattone 394
    Chris Diehl 374
    Jay Messina344
    Steven Houde313
    Paul Corcoran323
    Jimmy Fallon182
    Harvey Blonder182
    Chris Kelly 141
    Phil Parks131
    Amine Mekkaoui121
    Matt Lynch41

    Grand Prix Open Women Points Total

    RunnerPointsNumber of Races
    Emily Stover695
    Christine Howe604
    Dana DeIngenis554
    Eileen Cakouros474
    Mary McNulty464
    Meredith Hoban343
    Nicole Hamilton242
    Christina Seremetis151
    Amber Robbins91
    Christina Haddad81

    Grand Prix Master Women Points Total

    RunnerPointsNumber of Races
    Eileen Cakouros604
    Mary McNulty604

    Grand Prix Senior Women Points Total

    RunnerPointsNumber of Races
    Mary McNulty634