HFC Grand Prix, Men and Women, the best 5 of 7 races from this list

March 31Frank Nealon 15K Boston Tune UpUSATF-NE Race in Upton MA. Mostly on scenic, rolling, well marked, newly paved roads.
April 29James Joyce RambleAt the Endicott Estate, Dedham MA. Masters USATF 10K.
May 28Christophers Run 5KFrank Nelsons race in West Bridgewater, MA
July 4Rally 4 SallyGreat local 4 miler in Dedham MA
Sept 30Lone Gull 10KScenic USATF-NE 10K at Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester MA
October 7Wayland XC FestivalHFC directed 5k XC race at Wayland HS
November 18Norwood Turkey TrotGreat 4 miler at Norwood HS

Grand Prix Rules:
  • The men's and women’s grand prix score best 5 of 7 races.
  • Runners must complete at least 5 of the races to be eligible for prizes.
  • Runners are encouraged to post their race results on the HFC running log for easy tracking.
  • Scoring will done by assigning 100 pts to the 1st HFC runner in the race
  • and then the rest of the field will be assigned scores based on their percentage behind the winner.
  • There will be 4 divisions for both male and female: Open, Masters, Seniors, Veterans
  • All runners are eligible to score in the Open category
  • Veteran and Senior runners can score up in category
  • If entering a new division in 2018, you will be considered in that division on your birth date
  • Specially ordered HFC GP merchandise will be awarded to the winners of each division.

Click here for the point totals

Race Results

12018-03-31TJ UngerFrank Nealon 15K9.300:51:365:32100.00000
22018-03-31Lee DanforthFrank Nealon 15K9.300:51:475:3499.65000
32018-03-31Mark McDermottFrank Nealon 15K9.300:53:405:4696.15000
42018-03-31Mike DiToccoFrank Nealon 15K9.300:54:355:5294.53000
52018-03-31Jason CakourosFrank Nealon 15K9.300:56:106:0291.87100.00100.000
62018-03-31John SullivanFrank Nealon 15K9.300:57:086:0890.3298.3198.310
72018-03-31Raul SerranoFrank Nealon 15K9.301:01:146:3584.2791.7300
82018-03-31Brian AugerFrank Nealon 15K9.301:01:376:3783.7491.1500
92018-03-31Chris Kelly Frank Nealon 15K9.301:02:096:4083.0290.3790.370
102018-03-31Chris CanningFrank Nealon 15K9.301:02:466:4482.21000
112018-03-31Nicole HamiltonFrank Nealon 15K9.301:04:036:53100.00000
122018-03-31Joseph McLaughlinFrank Nealon 15K9.301:04:286:5580.04000
132018-03-31Emily LarsonFrank Nealon 15K9.301:06:167:0796.65000
142018-03-31Eileen CakourosFrank Nealon 15K9.301:06:487:1095.88100.0000
152018-03-31Christine HoweFrank Nealon 15K9.301:07:547:1894.33000
162018-03-31Dave KellyFrank Nealon 15K9.3701:08:377:1975.2081.8600
172018-03-31Jeff CahillFrank Nealon 15K9.301:08:527:2474.9381.5681.560
182018-03-31Dan FinkelFrank Nealon 15K9.3301:10:057:3073.6380.1400
192018-03-31Chris Diehl Frank Nealon 15K9.301:10:417:3673.0079.4679.460
202018-03-31Lauren TarvinFrank Nealon 15K9.31:08:437:2293.21000
212018-03-31Todd RobbinsFrank Nealon 15K9.31:08:447:2275.07000
222018-03-31Sarah BarrettFrank Nealon 15K9.31:12:207:4588.55000
232018-03-31Amber RobbinsFrank Nealon 15K9.31:17:528:2182.26000
242018-03-31Bob KalinowskiFrank Nealon 15K9.31:19:348:3264.8570.5970.59100.00
252018-03-31Rachel ShanorFrank Nealon 15K9.31:22:118:4977.9481.28100.00100.00
262018-03-31Deanna DanforthFrank Nealon 15K9.31:39:5210:4264.14000

Grand Prix Open Men Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
TJ Unger100.001
Lee Danforth99.651
Mark McDermott96.151
Mike DiTocco94.531
Jason Cakouros91.871
John Sullivan90.321
Raul Serrano84.271
Brian Auger83.741
Chris Kelly 83.021
Chris Canning82.211
Joseph McLaughlin80.041
Dave Kelly75.201
Todd Robbins75.071
Jeff Cahill74.931
Dan Finkel73.631
Chris Diehl 73.001
Bob Kalinowski64.851

Grand Prix Master Men Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
Jason Cakouros100.001
John Sullivan98.311
Raul Serrano91.731
Brian Auger91.151
Chris Kelly 90.371
Dave Kelly81.861
Jeff Cahill81.561
Dan Finkel80.141
Chris Diehl 79.461
Bob Kalinowski70.591

Grand Prix Senior Men Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
Jason Cakouros100.001
John Sullivan98.311
Chris Kelly 90.371
Jeff Cahill81.561
Chris Diehl 79.461
Bob Kalinowski70.591

Grand Prix Veteran Men Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
Bob Kalinowski100.001

Grand Prix Open Women Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
Nicole Hamilton100.001
Emily Larson96.651
Eileen Cakouros95.881
Christine Howe94.331
Lauren Tarvin93.211
Sarah Barrett88.551
Amber Robbins82.261
Rachel Shanor77.941
Deanna Danforth64.141

Grand Prix Master Women Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
Eileen Cakouros100.001
Rachel Shanor81.281

Grand Prix Senior Women Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
Rachel Shanor100.001

Grand Prix Veteran Women Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
Rachel Shanor100.001