NEW - 2019 HFC Grand Prix, Men and Women, the best 5 of 7 races from this list

March 17New Bedford Half MarathonUSATF-NE Race #1. Great marathon prep.
April 7Doyles Emerald NecklaceNER Pub Series #1.
May 18Run Westfield 5kUSATF-NE Race. Flat and Fast
June 23Barrel House Z 5kNER Pub Series race at a great brewery in Weymouth
AugustNewburyport High Street MileFast road mile
Sept 22Lone Gull 10KScenic USATF-NE 10K at Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester MA
November 17Norwood Turkey TrotGreat 4 miler on home turf at Norwood HS

Grand Prix Rules:
  • The men's and women’s grand prix score best 5 of 7 races.
  • Runners must complete at least 5 of the races to be eligible for prizes.
  • Runners are encouraged to post their race results on the HFC running log for easy tracking.
  • Scoring will done by assigning 100 pts to the 1st HFC runner in the race
  • and then the rest of the field will be assigned scores based on their percentage behind the winner.
  • There will be 4 divisions for both male and female: Open, Masters, Seniors, Veterans
  • All runners are eligible to score in the Open category
  • Veteran and Senior runners can score up in category
  • If entering a new division in 2018, you will be considered in that division on your birth date
  • Specially ordered HFC GP merchandise will be awarded to the winners of each division.

Click here for the point totals

Race Results

12019-03-17Steve CurleyNew Bedford 1/213.101:11:045:25100.00000
22019-03-17Mark McDermottNew Bedford 1/213.101:12:295:3198.05000
32019-03-17TJ UngerNew Bedford 1/213.101:13:405:3796.47100.0000
42019-03-17Mike DiToccoNew Bedford 1/213.101:18:376:0090.40000
52019-03-17Jason CakourosNew Bedford 1/213.101:19:046:0289.8893.17100.000
62019-03-17Brian CroninNew Bedford 1/213.101:20:506:1087.92000
72019-03-17John SullivanNew Bedford 1/213.101:20:506:1087.9291.1397.810
82019-03-17Brian AugerNew Bedford 1/213.101:32:017:0177.2380.0600
92019-03-17Christine HoweNew Bedford 1/213.101:32:327:03100.00000
102019-03-17Lily CorcoranNew Bedford 1/213.101:32:417:0499.84000
112019-03-17Lauren TarvinNew Bedford 1/213.101:32:517:0599.66000
122019-03-17Jeff CahillNew Bedford 1/213.101:36:517:2373.3876.0681.640
132019-03-17Christina HaddadNew Bedford 1/213.101:39:357:3692.92000
142019-03-17Chris Diehl New Bedford 1/213.101:40:557:4270.4273.0078.350
152019-03-17Paul CorcoranNew Bedford 1/213.101:41:197:4470.1472.7178.04100.00
162019-03-17Dan FinkelNew Bedford 1/213.101:43:407:5468.5571.0600
172019-03-17Rachel ShanorNew Bedford 1/213.101:55:398:4980.01100.00100.00100.00

Grand Prix Open Men Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
Steve Curley100.001
Mark McDermott98.051
TJ Unger96.471
Mike DiTocco90.401
Jason Cakouros89.881
John Sullivan87.921
Brian Cronin87.921
Brian Auger77.231
Jeff Cahill73.381
Chris Diehl 70.421
Paul Corcoran70.141
Dan Finkel68.551

Grand Prix Master Men Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
TJ Unger100.001
Jason Cakouros93.171
John Sullivan91.131
Brian Auger80.061
Jeff Cahill76.061
Chris Diehl 73.001
Paul Corcoran72.711
Dan Finkel71.061

Grand Prix Senior Men Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
Jason Cakouros100.001
John Sullivan97.811
Jeff Cahill81.641
Chris Diehl 78.351
Paul Corcoran78.041

Grand Prix Veteran Men Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
Paul Corcoran100.001

Grand Prix Open Women Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
Christine Howe100.001
Lily Corcoran99.841
Lauren Tarvin99.661
Christina Haddad92.921
Rachel Shanor80.011

Grand Prix Master Women Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
Rachel Shanor100.001

Grand Prix Senior Women Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
Rachel Shanor100.001

Grand Prix Veteran Women Points Total

RunnerPointsNumber of Races
Rachel Shanor100.001